Data Visualiser

Thanks for using my visualiser. I've put in quite some time to make this a convenient tool.
It's completely Javascript & HTML based so none of your files are uploaded anywhere, and nothing is saved. So be careful when you reload.

Known Issues

  • Redrawing the map, messes with the map's location and zoom.
  • Gaps in data don't display very nicely in the charts
If you encounter issues, please let me know at e-mail, if you have issues with a file, please feel free to send it along, it will probably help me fix the issue.

Version History

  • V2.1 27-MAR-2016
    • Chart fixes (lines were not displayed)
    • Redraw options added
    • Cleaned up a bunch of old code and did some housekeeping
    • Allow file naming upon load
    • Removed more junk code from objects
  • V2.0 21-MAR-2016
    • Javascript Object Orientation
  • V1.3 20-MAR-2016
    • Added Power support for TCX Files
    • Added Pan&Zoom to Charts
    • New default color scheme
  • V1.2 30-DEC-2015
    • Moved from Pure CSS to Bootstrap (easier for js-modals)
    • Added editing file information (color, name)
  • V1.2 28-DEC-2015
    • Added TCX File support
  • V1.0 18-AUG-2015
    • Initial Setup


  • Convert between file types (e.g. gpx to tcx)
  • Strip data (e.g remove HR, Power)
  • Plot by time of day/time in ride
  • Drag & drop files
  • Re-plot the charts & map upon file name/color change
  • Make Javascript objects better
  • Be able to set an offset per file (for charts)
  • More charts (cadence / altitude)
  • Everything in one page (no tabs)
  • Interactive Charts & Map on hover (e.g reference other charts)
Any requests, feel free to e-mail me.
The Map will show up here.

Afterwards you can add additional files in the top bar.


(re)draw Map (re)draw HR Chart (re)draw Power Chart
HR avg
Power avg
Data points