Dealing with lower back pain

We’ve all been there, you’re training for a triathlon and at one moment your lower back is starting to hurt. You’ve spent hours on your bike and your running is going really well, but your back can only relax once you’re in your bed. Lower back pain is common for all triathletes, even the hardened veterans have to deal with it. And more often than not it’s not about technique or position, but about strength. You’re just using your back muscles too much for what they can handle. So what can you do then? Exercises.

Our friends at Train Exercise Recover are tackling exactly that. They’re as new to the internet as we are, and they’re having a great start. Every week they post a video how to handle with issues you might have. All simple exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. We recommend to add a couple to your morning routine and you’ll do them every day without hassle before you know it. Their first video’s are all about lower back pain.

Lower back pain exercises

The exercises T.E.R. are doing are all given with simple instructional video’s, the first is are a couple of simple stretches. Their really easy to follow videos give you exercises to relieve that back and get stronger and faster without any need for weights.

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