Garmin launches Enduro watch

A new watch targeted at (ultra) endurance with built in solar cells.

Garmin just announced the Enduro ultra performance GPS-smartwatch. This new watch has a focus on endurance sports and has built in solar cells which can stretch the battery life up to 65 days. There are also a couple of new features specifically for (ultra) endurance and trail running.

The Endure watch is already dubbed the Fenix 6.5 by some. To see the differences between the Fenix 6 series and the Enduro check out my comparison here.

There are two versions. A steel and titanium version. Weighing 61g and 71g respectively.

First a bunch of photos (with high res after click). More text below.

Enduro is designed for all race circumstances and has a bunch of new training and recovery features. So, what’s new?

  • Trailrun VO2 max: This is new. The first watch that calculates your VO2 max on trailrunning.
  • ClimbPro Trail: A feature we’ve seen on Edge cycling computers, now also on a watch. With grade, distance and altitude monitoring.
  • break timer: In the ultrarun-activity you can set a break timer at the aid stations during the race, so you leave on time for your goal.
  • Mountainbiking: grit & flow measurement as seen on the Edge computers as well.
  • Recovery: The new recovery indicator takes dynamic data (good and bad) from your sleep and wellness. Think about stress and body-battery, etc.)
  • Recommended workouts: For training guidance you can get daily run and cycling suggestions based on your current training load and status.


The Enduro is available immediately and you can buy it directly from Garmin.
The steel/grey edition costs €799 and the carbon edition (coated titanium) goes for €899.

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