Polar Flow adds Power Based Training Targets

Finally you can use running power in a workout

Just announced: You can create training targets or workouts in Polar flow that take running or cycling power (wattage). Using (at least) the Vantage V2 you can finally utilise Running & Cycling power in your workout sessions. Setting it up is pretty easy.

With the Polar Flow web service, you can create detailed plans based on your training targets, and once you’ve synced them to your Polar Vantage V2, you will get all that guidance on your device during your training sessions.

So I did a quick check on how this worked. Setting it up is super easy. Creating steps on duration or distance and repeats, it all speaks for itself.
Using the range slider under the zones you can set the range on where you want to be in the step and you’re basically all done.

Polar Flow Power Zone Workout

The press release specifically stated that it’s for the Vantage V2 and a quick desk-test on the Grit X reveals that that it seems to work there too:

Now I’m not going to explain what the benefits of this are, apart from having this feature. There’s plenty of information on the internet about training plans and power.
The power zones work on your MAP. Your Maximum aerobic power (MAP) is what you usually can sustain for a few minutes only. It’s the lowest exercise intensity where your body reaches its maximum ability to consume oxygen (VO2max). You can find your MAP in your Flow Settings.
Then it cuts that into chunks for Running:

Zone 5> 115%
Zone 4100-114%
Zone 385-99%
Zone 270-84%
Zone 155-69%

More on this on the announcement itself. Definitely worth a read!

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