Polar H9 and H10 differences

Small differences can mean a lot

To some this might seem obvious, but given the price difference you might wonder, why pay for the H10? In this article I’ll explain the difference between the Polar H9 and H10 heart rate monitors and what those differences mean. There aren’t a lot.
First, the Polar H10 came to the market in March 2017 and the H9 in January 2020. I asked Polar if we can expect a successor to the H10 but I didn’t really get a response. Going from their FCC filings and general development lately, I think the H10 is good for another year before we see an H11 for example.

Visual and Band

Looking at both pods the only noticeable difference is the colour. The H9 has a grey front where the H10 has a black front. But the difference really lies in the supplied chest strap that comes with it. As the H10 has what Polar calls the Pro-strap. And the difference is, that it has little rubber dots to prevent the strap from sagging. This really comes in to play when swimming, you still want to stay away from doing powerful flip turns, but in open water, the pro strap should stay on better. If you end up regretting not getting the pro-strap, you can buy it separately for about $35 or €35.
Oh and, besides black, the pro strap is available in three extra colours: grey, orange and turquoise.

Rubber grip dots on the polar pro heart rate strap of the H10.
The little rubber grip dots on the polar pro heart rate strap

Internal Storage

This is a H10 only feature and allows you to store one session on the strap itself. After your workout you can retrieve your HR data using the Polar Beats app.

Bluetooth Connections

And another H10 only feature lies in the connectivity. Using the H10 you can broadcast your heartrate to two different bluetooth receivers. This is great if you want to do a Zwift session and record your HR on your cycling computer. Both heart rate monitors support ANT+ connections too, which are basically unlimited.


The H9 and H10 are about $30 from each other in price, with the MRSP of the H9 being $59,95 and the H10 $89,95. But obviously prices may vary over the year with offers and Black Friday and such. Below I’ve listed the prices of the H9 and H10 for buying them directly from Polar or Amazon / Wiggle. The Amazon and Wiggle links are sponsored, which means I get a small fee if you make a purchase there, using the link.

US $GB £EU €
Polar H9$59 at Polar
$54 at Amazon
£52 at Polar
£52 at Amazon
£52 at Wiggle.co.uk
€59 at Polar
€58 at Amazon
€58 at Wiggle
Polar H10$89 at Polar
$78 at Amazon
£79 at Polar
£73 at Amazon
£79 at Wiggle.co.uk
€89 at Polar
€78 at Amazon
€76 at Wiggle

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Just a note about the “links to buy” in this article, as they are sponsored. I do look for the lowest price I can find at the time of writing in a handful of stores, but by using the links I earn from qualifying purchases made through these links.

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  1. the h10 strap also has a larger sensor area. couple with the nobbly bits that means there is more chance of it staying put and picking up a signal.
    might help in swimming as you say BUT also it might improve HRV accuracy

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