Polar V650

New to the queue, but already out there for some time is the Polar V650. I’m cycling around with it now and will hopefully get some good insight and review out soon!


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1 Comment on Polar V650

  1. Comming from Garmin, I must admit the V650 is a great GPS.
    My impression is that the CPU has many hidden, and powrfull options, that allows Polar to step by step upgrade it, and introduce new functions.

    I switched to Polar and was a little exceptic, but I admit I am not switching back to Garmin:

    – Great and very easy Mobile Sync with Polar Flow & Strava through Iphone and bluetooth.
    – Automatic light feature is very good.
    – Altitude, and all recording features work seamless.
    – Lock Screen function very good.
    – Very “user friendly”
    – Scree display configuration is very good.

    – Intelligent messages showing on the V650 screen from the Iphone – Whatsapp – SMS-
    – Lack of turn by turn directions on Map Routes
    – Openstreet Map resolution, is not as good as Garmin’s; specially unnable to clearly read altitude curves.
    – If a devide is not bluetooth connected, V650 allows you to reconect during the ride, but it resets the Km to 0.
    – Unnable to get to the settings screen, while recording a ride.
    – Unnable to Waypoint to a certain route during ride, changing the original route.

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