Samsung announces Gear IconX

In ear, HR, MP3, standalone. Very interesting product for runners.

Samsung introduces the Gear Icon X, wireless in-ear headphones, without cable between them, with 4gb storage and HR tracking.

Yes. Basically a hr-strap, Mp3 player and just two little buds.

So, the IconX provides you with heart rate, distance, speed and calories burned, you can use it paired with your phone or as a stand alone as it also has voice feedback, even to keep you in HR zones. If you want you can even pair it up with other devices to measure your HR (I’m guessing just Bluetooth not ANT+). It comes with 4Gb of drive space which is more than enough for your average run, to interact with the IconX it’s equipped with a touch pad, where you can swipe or tap to change what you’re doing or playing. It’s an interesting competitor to the Jabra Pulse and maybe even the TomTom Spark!

Read Samsungs Press release here

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