Signs you’re a triathlete

If you can check all these you definitely are a triathlete!

Swim start

We all know the little things about being a triathlete, but these tell tale signs you cannot deny. Just ask your partner if you haven’t converted him or her to become one!

  • You always have a pair of runners and bathers in your car
  • When asked if you prefer morning or evening workouts you respond with “yes”.
  • Water bottles, water bottles everywhere.
  • Water bottles, water bottlesYour bike is more expensive than your car.
  • Chlorine is  your cologne of choice.
  • You consider bonking to be a bad thing.
  • You plan your holidays near swimmable lakes and good run areas or where your next race is.
  • You respond to the question how old you are with your age group
  • Half of your shirts are have at least six logos.
  • Your permanent hangover look is just the imprint of your swim goggles.
  • The one suit you own zips up at the back.
  • When you wake up you wonder what your heart rate is.
  • You refer to the hallway as transition area
  • You do more laundry than a family of six.
  • A half marathon is a short sunday run.
  • A six am alarm on the weekends is sleeping in.
  • A ‘fartleg’ doesn’t make you giggle anymore.
  • You refer to tailgaters as cheating drafters.

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