In short

I love triathlons, the athletes and the atmosphere. I recall doing my first half distance in 6:19, struggling with a stomach bug but very happy with the finish. On the flight back home I ran into the age group winner and we talked about the race. Picture this: He congratulated me on my time! I was baffled, but now I know it’s the spirit of triathlon. It’s a personal race for 95% of the athletes. Since then, I’ve taken about 50 minutes of that time, I became a TO and level 1 Coach.

I initially started out in triathlons while recovering from ACL replacement surgery. I guess I needed a goal to stay focussed on my recovery. Combined with my love for gadgets and data, I decided to share my view on all the things you can use while training with a larger audience than just my friends and family.

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Absolutely. I can’t guarantee a full post, but but send me an email at contact@onemanengine.com to see what I can do. NDA’s are no problem either.


I don’t accept paid advertising directly as this may bias my opinion. For ad income purposes I use Google Adsense and that’s that.

Other questions / AMA

If you have any other question, about my site, reviews or opinion on a product, race or anything related, feel free to send me an e-mail at contact@onemanengine.com.