Hammerhead Karoo 2 gets CLIMBER function

Going for that epic climb? Now see how much suffering is left!

Hammerhead rolled out an update for the Karoo 2 cycling computer today to give you climb-specific information on your routes. Whether you planned the ride, went to a POI or took a wrong turn and there was a reroute. The feature, akin to Garmin’s ClimbPro, is now on by default and kicks in when a combination of distance and grade are met. You can customise the variables if it triggers too late or early for your taste. On your Karoo 2 it looks like this:

During your ride the Karoo 2 will give you a heads-up of an approaching climb:

You can also get the CLIMBER information fullscreen to show VAM and Grade:

The upcoming 500 meters/yards is clearly broken down into
100 meter/yard segments in a scroller below the graph.

And each segment you can see in the CLIMBER page is color coded, from e-z p-z green to torture purple:

That red gradient band gives met flashbacks of a climb that was supposed to be 9%. Which is was, on average. The steepest part was 22% and I accidentally unclipped my shoe right then. I still have dreams about that sometimes and apologise to my legs.

Buy it?

The hammerhead Karoo 2 is available for $399 at Backcountry or Competitive Cyclist.

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