Garmin 920XT Update


The Garmin 920XT has been announced. You can read our full preview here.

The rumours

We pulled the ad from Garmin, as you can see above. Looks like the new Garmin 920XT will have the features we’ve been wanting to see. More support for swimming, swim drills and also more smart data calculated from your movement for running. With the built in cadence sensor for running that foot pod can be sold on eBay too! This update is just a bunch of new images, after the initial leak of information and photo’s of the upcoming Garmin 920XT some more images were found by, so we pulled them of the Garmin website, incase they get taken down, but here they are:


Garmin 920XT HRM

Now the biggest disappointment we read is that the 920XT does not have HRM features like the new iWatches that are coming out. The answer here is pretty easy: it won’t work in combination with the quick release for bike mounting, however we all see our bikes as little human beings, they don’t have a heart rate. Sorry…. So Garmin has chosen not to do it.

October 1st UPDATE:

More photos!


Markus Unterweger posted to Twitter that he was the photographer a shoot with the Garmin 920XT. Here are the full size photos he posted:

Garmin 920XT

A good look at the size of the 920XT as it’s held in hands.

Garmin 920XT

We don’t like to speculate, but… touchscreen?


The Garmin 920XT has been announced. You can read our full preview here.

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