AudioFlood waterproof iPod Shuffle review

Just like an ordinary iPod, but you can swim with it.

The AudioFlood iPod Shuffle

Apple’s iPod shuffle has a long history and has been used by millions. And in the last years we’ve also seen them pop up completely waterproofed allowing you to swim while listening to music. AudioFlood is one of the companies that does this for you and last week I had the pleasure of testing one out.

Waterproof iPod Shuffle

The iPod, the waterproof headset and a little mesh carry bag.

The AudioFlood iPod is just a regular Apple product, it’s just been processed by AudioFlood to make it a waterproof mp3 player. So unboxing you will find the iPod just as if you would have gotten it from the store, but added are a little mesh bag and a waterproof headset. (Bonus: the regular headset is there as well). The waterproof headset comes with a couple of different sized ‘plugs’ so you can fit it you your ears, They look a lot like those noise guards you see at construction sites and are easily swapped out. I’d recommend trying all three sizes as for me I thought the smallest would fit me better, whereas they were actually more uncomfortable than the mid sized ones.

As said, the iPod is just what it is, a regular 2gb iPod shuffle from Apple. Nothing special about it, except the waterproof part. So if you’re familiar with it, or not, it’s really easy to use.

Waterproof iPod

AudioFlood has it’s own method of waterproofing the iPods shuffle, where some require the iPods to be heated in order to waterproof it, AudioFlood’s process does not require this. This is an advantage, as it does not affect the battery life. The method requires just one corrosion protection sealant, which they somehow get in the iPod without even opening it up. Audioflood claims this process is better than any other, but they all claim that, what’s important is that it works. But the great advantage of AudioFlood’s process is you can completely use the iPod’s under water. This means, you can use all the buttons, features and even (un)plug your headphones while under water with no limitations. To show they are confident that it does all that they will give you a two year warrantee and a 30-day no questions money back guarantee. I must say, I was very happy to be able to skip that one song I forgot to take of the playlist, while doing a lap.

Swimming with Music

With the extra waterproof headphones (which has handy short wires) you can clip the iPod to your swim goggle’s strap and just go for your laps in the pool. The earplugs have short wires with a little ‘coil buffer’ built in and this works amazing. It was my first time swimming with headphones on and I must say it’s a totally new experience which I loved. Cruising down the pool with my favorite music had some soothing effect. I forgot that the last time I was in the pool was over six weeks ago and lane after lane I was enjoying myself. I tried to take some underwater pictures, but it seems my camera has seen better days. I took this nice shot though:

AudioFlood iPod Shuffle

In conclusion

Quite possibly the best gift out there. I love it. Listening to music while swimming, it’s amazing. And it’s an iPod shuffle, which you can use just as a normal one for your runs. Yes it’s more expensive, but you can swim with it!

Prices: Just the iPod goes for $125 or the complete set (pouch, headphones) for $140 on Amazon. I’d recommend the latter, as you are all ready to go then. If you liked this review and want to buy the iPod, please use the links here or on the sidebar as I get a small fee of your purchase, which allows me to keep doing this, thanks!

Oh one advice, out of safety: I don’t recommend using it in open water.

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  1. Jan Ratcliffe // May 19, 2017 at 11:07 pm // Reply

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    I contacted aquaflood because the head phones were faulty. They agreed to replace them but what they don’t tell you is that you will be charged £19 custom fee even though the iPod was under guarantee. When I contacted them they stonewalled me just repeating that they had done all they could. I do not recommend this product as they do not honour the guarantee and everyone I have contacted have said the headphones developed a fault within the guarantee period.

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