Axgio Sprint in-depth Review

Affordable small bluetooth headset

While I usually write about watches and computers, I wanted to add another review in the accessories section. This time I got my hands on an Axgio Sprint Wireless Bluetooth headset. Personally before I stumbled upon this headset I had never heard of the company, but from what I can tell it’s a Chinese company that’s slowly trying to make it in the west. They make quite a few products which seem to be received quite well. Amazon reviews usually around the 4 out of 5 star mark, which is not bad.

It comes in a pretty simple package, slide open, take out, done. Axgio-Sprint-08

Inside the box you will find the headset, which looks quite pretty with a dark chrome-like finish. Also a USB cable for charging the headset and a bunch or replacement ear rubbers in various sizes. The photo’s of those are rather… dull, so I’ll leave those on my computer. Replacing a rubber is easy, pull it off, push another on, done. Axgio-Sprint-07

Axgio Sprint USB charging

The headset with the USB cable plugged in.

So the headset is completely wireless and charges via a small USB-micro port on the control piece. Using it you should get about 7 hours of music and charging should take about two hours.

It comes with a wide variety of replaceable ear buds, so when you have huge or tiny ears, I bet you can make this one fit. I did struggle with finding out which is left or right, but there is a tiny dot on the left and even better it was marked with an L and R when you look under the rubber. And the control unit is on the right (sorry lefties). I felt like such a goof when I couldn’t find anything in the manual… Here is the goof so you can see how it fits:

If you can’t get it to fit nicely, play around with different sizes, the options are there and as said, it takes 5 seconds to swap. Curl the headset behind your ear and you should be ready to go.

Controlling the Axgio Sprint

Using the headset you will get audio feedback on what’s happening. If you connect to a device you will hear that. It will also give feedback when you reach the maximum and minimum volume. This is the volume of the device you connected to (e.g. your phone). The ease and simplicity is great, I didn’t need the quick start guide at all.


I was surprised by how easy it was to connect the headset to my phone and laptop. Moreover, it’s possible to connect to both devices at the same time. This is a nice feature but you won’t hear two audio streams mixed. It is useful if you want use it for notifications and such. To connect you long press the circle button and that’s it. Once the pair is complete you will get audio feedback on the device. It’s specified as BT 4.1 which means it should work with any Bluetooth 4 device and also won’t interfere with your phone’s data connection (source).

Sound Quality

I’m not an audio engineer and I don’t have tools to measure the actual output. But I have used quite some (really expensive) headphones in the past years and I wasn’t expecting greatness. But I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, overall I think it does a pretty good job. Music and podcasts came out quite nice and I have no complaints considering the price.


Obviously the question is, how does the Axgio Sprint stay on while running? Well, I obviously took it out, and I was surprised by how wel it stayed in. The mouldable part of the headset allows you to neatly tuck it in and have it staying put it’s so moldable, you can stretch it out or curly it up like twister fries. What I did feel was that I found the volume control unit a bit annoying during my running, but after about 5 kilometers I didn’t even notice it anymore. As a bonus, the Axgio is IPX4 in waterproofness so you should be fine running in the rain, hey it’s completely wireless, put your phone in a plastic bag and go!

One completely stretched out and one curled up.

One completely stretched out and one curled up.


You don’t have to go to a Chinese webshop to get your hands on this device, it’s available straight from Amazon for the US and the UK! If you like this review and want to buy the device, please use the link below, I get a small fee for your purchase.

Buy the Agxio Sprint for $29 on Amazon.

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