Bryton Rider 15 Neo Available

A small update on the Bryton range.

Bryton released the Rider 15 Neo last week. This new model sits at the bottom of the Bryton range and offers an affordable alternative to, for example, the Garmin 130. But it doesn’t have any maps or routing features or power meter support. But! It’s half the price.

What’s new?

Not only the name, but the Rider 15 Neo looks a lot like the Rider 15. They are almost identical in shape and size, bar some small details. On the inside the Neo is equipped with GPS and QZSS (for Japan/Asia). On the outside it’s marginally thicker with 0.85″ (21.6mm) from 0.5″ (16.5mm) on the ‘old’ Rider 15. But it did lose some weight. A whole gram :-)

The display got a little makeover too and doesn’t feel like an old school computer game, with a fixed background. Bryton did drop some smaller, mostly unused features, bringing it down to 21 features from 30. Most notably the compass and ‘direction’ have been removed.

The features

Feature wise, the Rider 15 Neo is, just like the Rider 15, only equipped with BLE for connecting to sensors. It supports heart rate, cadence, and speed. No support for power meters, but I think if you’re thinking or using that, the Rider 15 Neo is not for you. Then, in therms of battery life, it will last about 16 hours, which is kinda nice and for the casual rider should last you a couple of weeks. And, using the app, you can also automatically synchronise your rides to Strava. Because when it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen!

The Price

Bryton computers often catch my eye in terms of affordability and the Rider 15 Neo is not an exception. There are two variants available, the E and the C. This is merely an indicator on what’s in the box. I’m not sure what E and C stand for officially, but just remember: E = Empty (not an empty box, but .. you know: computer, cable, mount and quick start guide) and C = Cadence. So with the C you also get a Cadence sensor (which interestingly is BLE and ANT+ compatible).

Pick up the Rider 15 Neo E for $69 at Amazon
Or the Rider 15 Neo C for … I can’t find it. Let me know!

For a full overview of all Bryton devices, click here.

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