Enve Foundations Collection announced

Today the American based company announced a new line of carbon wheels, the ENVE foundations collection. Designed for best-in-class performance, these wheels are handcrafted in Ogden, Utah, and like all ENVE products, exists to improve the ride experience. There are two types, for mountain biking or road cycling. The full carbon mountainbike wheel AM30 is their flagship offering and costs $1600.

For the road, triathlon or time trials, the ENVE 45 and 65 where designed around aerodynamics, better pot hole survivability and are tubeless compatible.

Here’s a look at the 45 and 65

And here’s the AM30:

The wheel looks stunning and on the road wheels, the logo is placed very smartly at the valve. My TT bike has a set of wheels with no decals, and I ended up adding a piece of white tape for convenience.

The ENVE Foundations Collection is available immediately from ENVE.

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