Garmin announces Index S2 Scale

Garmin announced the Index S2 smart scale today. An iteration over the Index scale that’s been on the market for a couple of years now. At first glance not much has changed. It’s the same style and colours and still sends your measurements directly to Garmin Connect using WiFi.

What’s New?

The Gamin Index already had a bunch of features and not much changed, there are some differences though:

  • Colour screen
  • Trend graph over the last 30 days of your weight
  • Direct display of change from last measurement
  • Display widgets choice (disable weather for example)
  • Better sensors and improved algorythms.
  • Up to 7 WiFi networks
  • Slightly smaller and notably lighter.

What’s not new?

  • Measure weight. A bit of a no-brainer… units: lbs, kg and stone.
  • Calculate BMI
  • Measure fat percentage
  • Calculate muscle mass
  • Calculate bone mass
  • Up to 16 registered users
  • Max of 400lbs (181kg)
  • Up to 9 months usage on 4 AAAA batteries
  • Direct upload to Garmin Connect
  • Available in Black and White

Index S2 Price

The New Index S2 is priced slightly below the previous version and is available on Garmin for $149.99.
You can also buy it at Planet Cyclery or Amazon for $149.

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