Garmin Announces Venu 2 and 2s

It was already leaked but Garmin announced the Venu 2 today. A new watch to ‘connect mind and body’ for $399. Again the Venu is equipped with an amazing AMOLED display.

First Look

The new Venu 2 has mostly got some inside work done and more notably comes in two sizes now a 40mm and a 45mm.

What’s new?

There’s a whole list of new features. And for news like this, I like to stick to a bullet list. I’ll go more in depth about these features in my Venu to Venu 2 compare article.

  • New AMOLED display either bigger or smaller, coming from 360✖️360px
    • 2 => 416✖️416px
    • 2s => 360✖️360px
  • Firstbeat sleep tracking data
  • Sleep Score
  • Connect IQ4 support
  • 8GB storage (about 650 songs)
  • Improved HR sensor: Garmin Elevate V4 (improved PulseOx)
  • Fitness Age
  • New Activity Modes
    • Strength Training
    • Hiking
    • HIIT
    • Indoor Climbing
    • Bouldering
  • Increased Battery Life
    • 2: 11 days Smartwatch, 22hrs GPS, 8 hrs GPS+Music
    • 2S: 10 days Smartwatch, 19 hrs GPS, 7hrs GPS+Music
  • Rapid Recharging (10mins for 1hr GPS, or 1 Day in watch mode)
  • Upgraded CPU/GPU for better graphic performance

Prices & Availability

In true Garmin fashion, the Venu 2 and Venu 2S are available as of right now at Garmin and both cost $399.

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