Garmin Edge 1030 Plus and 130 Plus announced

The latest (and greatest) Edge computers

Edge 130 Plus and Egde 1030 Plus

Garmin announced the expected updates for the Edge 130 and the Edge 1030 today with an also expected name, the ‘Plus’. These new cycling computers are the next generation in the Edge range and pack a slew of new features and they’re available immediately! The introduction prices are $199.99 and $599.99, which are the same RRP prices as their predecessors, which now retail for less.
For more reviews, videos and the and latest prices check the following links:

Edge 130 Plus Images

Externally the 130 Plus is nearly identical to the 130 except for the sticker on the back.

Edge 1030 Plus Images

Externally you’ll notice the 1030 Plus is now all black, just like the other Edge computers.

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