Garmin Edge 830 and Edge 820 compared

With the everlasting introduction of new products, the 8xx series now has seen the 800, 810, 820 and now the 830.
If you’re looking into which device is right for you, here are the differences between the 820 plus and the 830 and hopefully will help you make your decision.
It’s already hard to find a new Edge 820, Garmin themselves don’t sell it anymore. For more information, reviews, videos and the latest prices check out my productwatch for the Edge 830 and Edge 820.

Looks & Specs

You can definitely tell the difference between the two devices, the newer Edge 830 has a bit rounder design and sports a larger screen.

Since look and feel is mostly personal, I’ve put them next to each other in the following images. Please note this is not to scale!

Specifications Compared

SpecEdge 820Edge 830
Screen2.3″ (5.8 4cm)2.6″ (6.6 cm)
Resolution200 x 265 px.246 x 322 px.
Dimensions1.9” x 2.9” x 0.8”
(49.0 x 73.0 x 21.0 mm)
1.9″ x 3.2″ x 0.8″
(50 x 82 x 20 mm)
Weight2.4 oz (67.7 g)2.8 oz (79.1 g)
Battery Life15 hrs.20 hrs.

New Features

So, to make your decision, this is probably the part you’re looking for. I’ve listed all differences I could find and added my thoughts if I believe there’s something to keep in mind or just to help you decide if the feature is worth it for you.

  • Bigger screen
  • Bluetooth Smart sensor support – more options for more sensors.
  • Heat Acclimation – The Edge 830 takes heat & humidity into account for your  performance & recovery metrics (great!)
  • ClimbPro – When riding a route it will tell you how much longer your climb is, good feature when you’re in an unknown area.
  • Altitude Acclimation – Knows when you’re in high elevation and uses this for performance/recovery metrics (useful when you regularly go to mountains)
  • Bike Alarm Feature – You know when you stop for coffee and you leave your bike, nervously keeping an eye on it? The Edge 830 can let you know when it detects movement with an alarm!
  • Hydration & Nutrition Alerts: Riding a route or course it will let you know when to eat and drink. Great feature, I tend to forget!
  • Complete on-board turn by turn map database for your region no more custom maps!
  • Improved touch screen

Some features that are improvements, but I don’t see as real added value:

  • Better CPU – This is nice and noticeable when routing, but you don’t really need-need it unless you plan to change your mind often on where to go.
  • Better battery life – I personally don’t mind charging it – I charge my phone daily too…
  • Battery Pack Support – See my previous point.
  • Tack Nutrition & Hydration – add what you took during your ride to Connect using the Edge 830. I don’t use this, but if you use this in connect, you can add it easily now.
  • Performance Power Curve – See your mean maximal power, nice feature, but you can see this online too from the comfort of your sofa.

These features I have less experience with, but are added:

  • Mountainbike Metrics – Jump, Grit and Flow is shown on the Edge and in connect.
  • Trailforks maps – Trailforks data/maps embedded in the Edge 830
  • ForkSight – shows you the options when you stop at a trail fork.
  • Training Plan Gear & Weather Tips.
  • ‘Find my Edge’ – Allows you to view your edge’s location – not sure how this works when not connected to WiFi..
  • Use Traning Plans – I’ve never used a training plan from a site, so I can’t judge.

In the box

The Bundles.

Both devices come in three flavours. ‘Just the unit’ which has, obviously, the device. Then you also get an aero holder, a stem holder, and a charging cable. There’s also a sensor bundle and a mountainbike bundle available for both, or there was. More about this later.

Edge 830Device OnlySensor BundleMTB Bundle
Flush out-front mountYESYES
MTB mountYES
Standard mountYESYESYES
Speed sensorYESYES
Cadence sensorYES
Heart rate monitorYES

Which one to buy?

It’s hard to say, the price is quite a difference at the moment, as the Edge 820 seems to be running out of stock, you’ll probably have to look at the second hand market, but then keep in mind that you might need to have the battery replaced. If you’re still undecided, have look at my productwatch for the Edge 830 and Edge 820. You’ll find more information, video’s, reviews and the latest and lowest prices!

Edge 820 prices

At the time of writing I could only find the device for $213 at Amazon.

Edge 830 prices

US $GB £EU €
Device Only$399 at Amazon£309.00 at Wiggle€375 on Amazon
Sensor Bundle$448 at Amazon£359.99 at Wiggle€475 on Amazon
MTB Bundle$469 at Amazon£379.00 at Wiggle€470 on Wiggle

Sponsored Links

Just a note about the “links to buy” in this article, as they are sponsored. I do look for the lowest price I can find at the time of writing in a handful of stores, but by using the links I earn from qualifying purchases made through these links.

6 Comments on Garmin Edge 830 and Edge 820 compared

  1. Thank you this was very useful. You did a fabulous job.

    I have an 820 and was hoping the 830 had 2 features the 820 doesn’t…at least not that I can figure out.
    1. A couple times when in a hurry I put my bike in the truck only to realize when I got to the starting point…I forgot my Garmin. I can get decent data with Map My Ride but can’t manually load the data into the 820. Will the 830 allow this?
    2. I’d like to be able to manually change my odometer.

    Anyway, I really like the honesty of what you use and don’t.

    Thanks again.

    • 1. You should be able to export your file from Map My Ride and upload it in Garmin Connect. It won’t show up on your 830 though.
      As with almost all Garmin devices, they live online and in the app, so uploading the ride and adding the gear you used (if you use that feature) should update all your data.

      2. What specifically do you mean by ‘change my odometer’?

  2. Tank Birdfinder // April 26, 2021 at 7:21 pm // Reply

    Appreciate the honest and in-depth review. Have a 820 and although the 830 does offer some nifty items, mostly the climbpro, I’m thinking new battery for my 820 is cheaper and I’ll wait on the 840 in a couple years. As your aware, marketing always makes it sound way cooler than in reality it’s usefullness is.

  3. Thank you so much for this!! My 820’s battery life has been getting shorter and I found out and ordered a new battery. I thought I was going to have to replace the whole unit. You saved me a bunch of money, Thanks!

  4. My 820 batterij is empty after 3 to 4 houres, what is the capacity of the 830? 820 is 700 mah

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