Garmin Swim & Triathlon HR monitor

Garmin to announce Swim compatible HR Monitor

Garmin is about to introduce a new HR monitor which will work in the pool. ‘Normal’ HR monitors can’t transmit their data to your watch as water doesn’t really play along with wireless communications. Suunto & Polar have resolved this by adding a little storage to the HR monitors and sending data in a burst once the connection between your devices has been restored. It will be compatible with the Garmin Forerunner 620, Forerunner 920 XT, fenix 2, fenix 3, and epix

The HRM-SWIM boasts a unique design that helps it stay in place, even when you’re streamlining off the wall after a flip turn. And it’s built from chemical-resistant materials to resist the ravages of chlorine and other pool chemicals. And you don’t have to limit the HRM-SWIM to pool use. Use it in open water swims, during training, or in sprint-distance tris that have a pool swim to start the race.

Prices I dug up were a bit high, around the $100 mark.HR-Swim[jetpack_subscription_form title=”Want to stay up to date? Subscribe to my blog!”]

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