Garmin Tacx Boost Announced

A simple, affordable turbo trainer.

In the list of ‘simple’ trainers Garmin announced the Tacx Boost today. An iteration of the ‘old-school’ turbo’s. No direct drive, no electronics. Just resistance. Affordable and great if you work by power and HR and don’t mind setting the resistance manually with a lever.

The Garmin Tacx Boost weighs 18.8 lbs, has a 3.52lbs flywheel and has 10 different resistance settings which can give a maximum of 1050 Watts resistance. The Tacx Boost is the most natural resistance trainer apart from direct drive trainers.


Upon introduction, the Garmin Tacx Boost is available ‘solo’ for $299 or part of a bundle with a speed sensor for $329.99.

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