Christmas gifts for triathletes in 2016

It’s that time of year again and in 2016 you probably want to know what a good gift would be for an athlete. Maybe just a swimmer, a runner, cyclist or all three, I believe the items I’ve listed will make them quite happy. It’s all stuff, gadgets or goods I’ve used, seen and tested myself and it’s still an opinion, if I haven’t tested it, I explain why I think it’s still good.

If you know any good additions, let me know with a comment or send me an e-mail.


Audioflood Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Still on my list, this isn’t the latest gadget available, but for someone who swims a lot, is capable of remembering what to do, this is an excellent gift. With music on, I personally get calm and just do my laps. Something about it allows you to relax. Pretty affordable for $140 on Amazon

Swim book

If you like figuring out what to do by yourself, have a look at Swim Workouts for triathletes. It’s a waterproof book full with exercises and training plans. Great gift, great purchase.

Cycling Gifts

This might look like a Wahoo sponsored list, but I assure you it’s not. I’m just a fan of their products. Continuous updates and integration makes you get more than what you get the moment you buy it.


You can read all about the ELEMNT in my review. This cycling computer keeps surprising me with new updates. Great battery, great screen and great features. Can’t go wrong! You can read more about it here or pick one up for $329 on Amazon. As a bonus you get a free K-Edge mount when you enter ‘FREEMOUNT’ during checkout at the Wahoo store.

Wahoo Kickr

Now that Grindelwald has put a dark veil over the earth winter has arrived, it’s colder and darker out. Time to bike indoors. With the Kickr you can do just that. Hook it up with Zwift ($10/mo, 14 days free) and you’ll get an experience you’ve never had before. If you register your Kickr you get a free month of Zwift1. Available for $1 on Amazon.


Heel lights

Safety come thirds! No wait. First! Present last year and this year again: Nathan heel bender is a light you clip on your shoes.To be fair, I’d rather look like a christmas tree when running than get hit by a car. ($14 on Amazon).

General Athletes Gift Ideas

The following items are cross sports so not in a specific group.

Foam Roller

A Foam roller is a great tool to massage yourself. Using your body weight you can take care of those tight muscles without having to do the dishes as trade in to your SO. You can get a foam roller
for $30.

AMO Sunglasses

Last year I broke my sunnies and AMO got in touch. Coming from a sports background they decided to develop their own sunglasses and they’ve sent me a pair to test them out. To be fair, I haven’t looked back. The AMO sunglasses are great, very scratch resistant, you can mix and match and create a unique pair for yourself. Have a look at their website!

(more to follow!)

  1. Offer valid at time of writing

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