New Suunto 3 Announced

Another watch following the recent Suunto 7 hits the streets

Recently Suunto announced their Android Wear based Suunto 7 watch and now comes a ‘little’ brother (or sister) in the form of the Suunto 3. This watch does not run Android Wear

Stay active with personalised adaptive training guidance, and maintain your overall wellbeing with 24/7 activity tracking including sleep quality, stress and recovery.


Besides the basics sports (swimming, cycling and running), the new Suunto 3 comes with activity tracking. Similar to the competition it will track your heart rate and sleep

Adaptive Training Guidence

This is a feature that I’m personally excited about to try out. The adaptive training guidance is designed to work based on your .. work. The watch (and probably Suunto’s servers) look at your exercises, progression and adapt your training plan accordingly. You can set it to three different levels, stay at your current level, slowly improve or intense. Whichever mode you choose, Suunto 3 creates you a 7-day training plan with optimal duration and intensity for each exercise.

The training plan is automatically adapted to your actual activities, so if you miss an exercise, or get excited and do a little more than planned, you don’t need to stress about updating it manually.
The planned exercises are easy to activate, and once started, the watch guides you to stay at the right intensity.


The new Suunto 3 comes in five colours:


As always, what does it cost? The ‘RRP’ on introduction is $229,00. But, I’ve made a nice tool to find the lowest price for you, my productwatch. Have a look at the Suunto 3’s lowest price there!

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