Polar announces Polar Ignite 2

More news today, Polar announced the Polar Ignite 2 and the Polar Vantage M2. And Garmin gave the world the new Garmin Rally power meters. For all the differences between the previous Ignite and the new Ignite 2, see my Ignite comparison article.

Polar Ignite 2

The Polar Ignite to is the successor of the Polar Ignite and comes with a battery life of up to five days and 20 hours in workout mode (3 more than the Ignite). The Ignite 2 is customisable with firstly the four available colour options: Gold Champagne, Storm Blue, Pink Rosegold and Black Pearl:

The there are a bunch of new straps (and obviously you can buy third party) but Polar even has two options with Svarovski crystals which honeslty look amazing.
Some other notable features are:
Sleep & Recovery: With Sleep Plus Stages and Nightly Recharge you can keep track of your sleep quality and recovery after workouts.
HR Sensor Modes: with the new HR sensor modes you can stretch battery life to 100hrs.
Fitspark & Weekly Summary: A previous workout based guidance for workouts.
Smart watch Essentials: Interesting how far we’ve come, but it ‘obviously’ supports music control, has weather forecasts and push notifications


The watch hasn’t changed a lot, it still is 43mm in diameter and is 8.5mm thick, weighing 35 grams The screen has not changed either and is still 240×240 pixels.

Price and Availability

It will be available at the end of April and comes with an MRSP of €230, £200 or $230.

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