Refuel App for Recon Jet

Time to take a drink!

Today the Refuel App for the Recon Jet was launched. This is another step in automated coaching for the lazy (read: me).
Being a total forgetful athlete I also forget to take a sip of water / sportsdrink and or even eat. The beauty of this app is that it tailors to the conditions of your session or race. In order to give you a proper “individualised nutritional suggestions” the app uses a whole bunch of data: age, weight, height, gender, altitude, distance traveled, heart rate and either pace or speed. Furthermore it can even tell you what to drink or eat. But it doesn’t stop after your workout, even when you’re done it’s important to rehydrate and Refuel will help you do so. All this is based on Brendan Brazier’s nutritional guidelines.

And if you don’t own a Recon Jet, you just have to wait. The plan is to bring this app to other wearables and mobile devices soon. You can register to get notifications about this on the Refuel Apps website.

The Refuel App is available immediately from the Engage App Center. Or for other devices, keep an eye on

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