SRAM electronic wireless shifting coming soon?

SRAM making a move on the electronic market.

With the move to electronic shifting by Shimano and Campagnolo, SRAM has been lacking behind. Shimano introduced the first electronic groups over six years ago and it seems SRAM is now finally catching up.

SRAM has been a bit shady around their upcoming electrical groupset, I mean, no comments, videos or announcements. But there’s no denying as it has been spotted in the Tour of California in 2014 and most recently at the Tour Down Under. In the ToC the system still featured little wires, it has been debated if these were fakes.¬†Watch¬†this video of Gravel Cyclist spotting the SRAM group at the Tour Down Under, revealing no wires at all:

The group will part from the known doubletap system, with one shifter for up, the other for down and both for a front chainring swap. For maintenance, you can do the last on the front derailleur itself, making it a lot easier on the stand. It is also said to be lighter than the Shimano groups, which is impressive as it’s also wireless.

More to come!

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