Suunto Ambit3 varieties

The differences between the Peak, Sport and Run edition

Suunto Announced the Ambit3 series in early 2014 and the watch has two different varieties, being the Peak and the Sport. If you’re a Triathlete, I absolutely advise to buy the Ambit 3 Sport as the features of the Peak are of no extra benefit to you and it’s slightly cheaper than the Peak. While the looks are nearly identical to the Ambit 2, The Ambit 3 no longer supports ANT+ as Suunto chose to go with Bluetooth support.

Differences between Peak and Sport (and Run)

Firstly let me say that both the Peak and Sport have a Sapphire edition. As the name suggests, this edition is finished off with Sapphire Glass which is tougher and more scratch resistent. The glass is also mounted on with a steel ring finishing it off. The differences between the Peak and the Sport are easily remembered once you look at the names, the Peak has a longer battery life and a barometric altitude meter. Where the Sport is more built for (casual) endurance athletes with ‘only’ 25 hours of battery life. Both watches have nearly identical software and support the Suunto HRM chest strap to allow heart rate recording under water.
As for the Run, Suunto just released the press statement and all the details, the watch is what it claims to be. Targeted at runners. Being lighter and cheaper but also supporting less features. So the Run doesn’t have multisport, bike cadence, or any swim metrics (besides open water pace & distance and heart rate). I’m getting a Run version to test pretty soon so I can then update with more information.

Ambit3 Peak

The Ambit3 peak is dubbed ‘The GPS watch with advanced outdoor and multisport functions’. Because of it’s barometer it can also give weather information, including storm alarms. But it can also give tides, temperature, and other weather information. Handy when you’re in the hills or out camping. The Peak is available in Black and Sapphire editions.

  • 100 meter waterproof (vs 50 for Sport)
  • 50 hour battery (25hr in Sport)
  • Altitude by barometer (by GPS in Sport)
  • Temperature recording (internal) (n/a in Sport)
SS020677000-suunto-ambit3-peak-black-1Black without HRM for $330
Black with HRM for $319
SS020676000-suunto-ambit3-peak-sapphire-1Sapphire without HRM for $412
Sapphire with HRM for $390

Ambit3 Sport

The GPS watch with advanced run, cycle and swim functions, nearly identical to the peak, but it has a shorter battery life and takes altitude from the GPS signal. More than enough for any triathlete in my opinion.

  • 50meter waterproof (100 in Peak)
  • 25hr battery (50hr in Peak)
  • Altitude using GPS (Barometric in Peak)

The sport also comes in three additional colors, blue, coral and white.

suunto-ambit3-sport-sapphire-1Sport Sapphire Without HRM for $300
Sport Sapphire With HRM for $335
SS020683000-suunto-ambit3-sport-white-1 Sport White without HRM for $251
Sport White with HRM for $193
SS020682000-suunto-ambit3-sport-blue-1Sport Blue without HRM for $200
Sport Blue with HRM for $259
SS020681000-suunto-ambit3-sport-black-1Sport Black without HRM for $219
Sport Black with HRM for $254
Suunto just released (March 3rd) the Coral:Suunto Ambit 3 CoralSport Coral without HRM for $319
Sport Coral with HRM for $367

Ambit3 Run

Suunto just announced the Ambit3 Run edition, and as the name says, the run is mainly for running. The advised retail price is lower ($299) and the features are limited compared to the others. So the Run or (Ambit3 R) supports all the stuff you need there, but is limited on other sports. The good stuff? Cheaper, lighter and a kick ass lime color! More details when I review the watch next month!

$187 without HRM
$187 with HRM

ss021260000-suunto-ambit3-r-lime-1 ss021258000-suunto-ambit3-r-white-1 ss021256000-ambit3-r-black-1
The Suunto Smart HRM Strap

The Suunto Smart HRM Strap

Suunto Smart Sensor HRM

The Suunto Smart Sensor HRM has a built in memory that records your heart rate when data connectivity with the watch is unavailable. This is usually during your swim as Bluetooth signals do not work underwater. I reccommend buying the watch with the sensor as the new Ambit 3 switches from ANT+ to Bluetooth and is not compatible with your old ANT+ sensor. But also because the bundle deal is financially more interesting. Also it’s available in mre than just black. You can mach your Sport edition with a coral, blue or lime colored belt. The belt itself is available for $68

Ambit 3 Compared

If you want to read how the Ambit 3 compares to other watches have a look at:

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