Suunto announces new Spartan range

New range of watches for ultra and multi sports

Today, Suunto announced their next watch for multi sports. The new watch has a color & touch display made for outdoor use. I’ve said before I’m not a fan of touch screens because of water interference, but the addition of the ‘made for outdoor use’ is very interesting. The screen itself looks quite nice on the product photo’s too. As with the Ambit, the new Suunto Spartan range is available with Sapphire glass and titanium (optional otherwise stainless steel) making very tough and giving it a 100m (328ft) water resistance.

Features wise, it has route navigation and battery control features on the watch to ensure you’re recording all the way to the end of the full ultra marathon or ironman.

As of now the watch comes if four different editions. Two Titanium, Two Steel. The Titanium comes in ‘all black’ and ‘stealth’. The steel variants come in black and white. The Titanium watches are set to cost €749 and the steel ones €649, no U.S. or U.K. prices have been announced yet.

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