Wahoo ELEMNT updates to support turn by turn navigation

And a lot of other tweaks and fixes too!

Wahoo released the latest update today (June 15th) for the ELEMNT cycling computer. This latest firmware version gives it a new feature: turn by turn navigation. Don’t be as silly as I was and run to your computer to hook it up, as I forgot, the ELEMNT will download and install it itself over the air using your WiFi network. You can force the update by looking for it in the settings on the ELEMNT itself.¬†Needless to say, you need an active WiFi connection.

The breadcrumbs on routes.

The breadcrumbs on routes.


Partnering with RideWithGPS you could already have breadcrumb navigation and Wahoo promised that turn-by-turn navigation was on it’s way. And Wahoo delivered. Today the latest firmware is available and the integration of RideWithGPS has improved.

I’m still to see the details on how it works as I haven’t been able to test it out yet, but I’ll update my full ELEMNT review once I have.

Also, Wahoo is working on improving the integration of Komoot and Strava and in the previous (smaller) update the dropouts between sensor or phone and the device itself were fixed.

But wait, there’s more

The list of the update is quite impressive. Besides the turn by turn navigation, routing has been improved and the maps page can now get six data fields (was two). But also, a deleted route on RideWithGPS is now removed from your ELEMNT (yes!)

The list is as follows:

  • After selecting a route it now goes straight back to the map view
  • Added a new “Selected” route view with full cue sheet if available
  • Added ability to sort routes by date, proximity¬†and starred


  • Added notification if moving but have not started a workout
  • Added support powering off your ELEMNT mid-workout
  • Added option to delete workout if under time/distance thresholds
  • Scroll through workout history on ELEMNT


  • Added support for mixed units. e.g distance miles, temp deg C, elevation in metres
  • Added support for connecting to hidden Wifi networks (using SSID/password)
  • Added support for manually switching between known Wifi networks with companion app
  • Added support for showing SSIDs longer than 16 characters
  • Added low storage warning

Sensor Support

  • Added support for configuring gear ratios (from companion app)
  • Improved support for PowerTap P1 and Polar Look power meters
  • Added support for PowerCal
  • Fixed issue of Normalized Power spikes
  • Added clock drift compensation for sensor device clocks
  • Fixed issue with sensor info in FIT file all having manufacturer set to Wahoo
  • Added support for a single front gear (Shifting profile)

UI/UX Tweaks

  • Optimized power calibration by skipping “prepare” page
  • Fixed menu selection not visible when backing out of menus
  • Fixed issue with P1 battery status showing incorrect labels
  • Remove battery status for KICKR devices
  • Added firmware information to sensor info page
  • Fixed issue with battery information not updating if status page is open

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  1. Lori O'Neill // July 31, 2018 at 6:45 am // Reply

    It won’t update to WF42-1982 and I’m connected to my wifi at home

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