Wahoo ELEMNT MINI announced

New small Wahoo bike computer in the ELEMNT range

Today Wahoo announced their third cycling computer. After te ELEMNT and the ELEMNT BOLT, the time has come for the ELEMNT MINI.

As the name kinda gives away; it’s small, but it packs a punch.

The new computer is at least able to record your cadence, heart rate, speed and show phone notifications on the 4.5cm (1.8″) screen. And if you’re a solo rider with somebody at home, you can share your current location with the (improved) Live Track function. Also very neat when doing a sportif.

Similar to the ELEMNT, the MINI has both Bluetooth and ANT+, so should be compatible with sensors of both technologies. As an added bonus, it comes with the small Wahoo Speed sensor to go on your wheel hub.

Note: at the launch of the MINI it will only support Wahoo sensors. As far as I know it is planned to support other brands later (like the BOLT and ELEMNT)

I’m currently awaiting more information and hopefully get my hands on one to give you more details and shots. If you want to compare the ELEMNT range have a look at the Wahoo Computers page.


The announcement of the ELEMNT MINI had a list of MSRP’s, and here they are:

USD $99.99
EURO €89.99
CAD $99.99
GBP £79.99
AUD $149.99 (ozzies out of luck again).

Here as some high resolution official photo’s:

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2 Comments on Wahoo ELEMNT MINI announced

  1. Where have you been?

    I think there are no plans to extend compatibility beyond wahoo-only, recent, dual-band sensors.

    my contacts say it is selling well. which I was surprised about.

    • The day job got very busy, so had to shift focus, adding injury on top didn’t help so I almost completely stopped working out. Last few weeks have been better and trying to get back in to it.
      I got the ‘for now’ from a Wahoo rep.

      I’m not surprised tbh. The lack of maps is the only problem, but if you only bike around your city, you don’t need your map. It’s relatively cheap, lightweight and has some nice features.

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