Wahoo KICKR gets an update

Auto calibration and "AXIS" feet.

The good ol’ Wahoo Sports KICKR is getting a nice new 5th edition. What I truely like it Wahoo sticking to the name and not making up another name / number. It’s an improvement and just like in cars, it’s the same model. The update itself is small and so is this article about it :)

Swing it!

So the new part is that the KICKR will now come with 3 special AXIS feet allowing the unit to swing from side to side. Better reflecting riding outside in a sprint or up a climb. You can swing left and right and not worry about bending your frame. With three different sets of feet, each with their own stiffness you can customise it to your own liking. And what’s even nicer, you can buy these separately too if you already have a KICKR and want to update your experience!

Auto Calibration

The real innovation is the automatic calibration for power. Once you stop putting power in the Wahoo KICKR will detect the flywheel free-spinning and will calibrate itself. So you don’t have to do this every now and then and can forget about it.

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