Wahoo RIVAL gets Music controls

And track mode!

Wahoo just released the latest firmware for the ELEMNT RIVAL smart watch (review here). It seems Wahoo got the pace going as just 9 days ago, the firmware got a track running update which greatly improves your experience on the track. And from today you can control music from your watch.

Music controls on ELEMNT RIVAL

Currently it only works with iOS when the iPhone is playing music. You’ll get an extra page where you can see what’s playing, skip, change volume, etc.

Track Running

Just nine days ago Wahoo also released another activity mode: Track Running. After Coros was the first to introduce this on the Pace in 2021, and Garmin on the Forerunner 745, Wahoo is not missing the boat. Even though I’m still trying to figure out when my local track is open (gates locked due to covid). I can at least say that Track Running makes your laps super smooth and consistent. So if you run 1 lap, you’ll get 400 meters. Run two, 800. Not some random 403, 799 stuff. The laps are sticky to 25 meters. So keep this in mind if you actually want to run 80 or 90 or something.
The benefit is that your pace will be very consistent too. As with a 400m distance, 20 meters can make your pace 5% off.

Track Running on the Wahoo RIVAL Smart Watch, makes a perfect lap, every time.

This doesn’t seem like a lot, but it really shows Wahoo is committed to the RIVAL watch and promises great things for the future.

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