Wahoo Tickr Renewed

The trusted heart rate monitors got even better!

The TICKR and TICKR X get an overhaul and some updates. Under the hood, not much has changed, but you’ll want the new versions anyway. For one they look amazing. But Wahoo changed a couple of things and introduces a new firmware for the “Gen 2”. First thing you’ll notice is the new color scheme. “stealth” black and a more traditional blue/white version for the ‘normal’ TICKR and the TICKR X comes in black/white. You can read my full review here.

But it doesn’t stop there, the new HR monitors are also a bit lighter and slimmer. Including the chest strap they weigh only 48 grams. The ‘old’ TICKR already had ANT+ and Bluetooth, but the new version can connect to three devices at the same time. That will come in handy when you have it paired with your watch, your phone and your cycling computer. No need to work out which it is connected to and just go-go-go.
With this new version the battery life has been extended to 500 hours and the internal memory can store up to 50 hours of data.

Click to see the Stealth Blinking.

The last change you’ll notice is that the LEDs have moved. From the front to the top. So it now definitely looks like a cop car. ?
I’ve always like the blinking leds and the new positions makes them more useful, while I don’t think the old position was bad, seated at the top does make it easier.


I had a little trouble getting my hands on a new TICKR, and when I finally got one, I still needed to find the time to look at it proper. But I’ve managed to wrap up my review in 2021 and you can read it here.


So, on to some photos!


And at last, the cost! Well, both heart rate monitors seem to have the same price as they previous versions. At introduction the TICKR is set for $49 or €49 and the TICKR X goes for $79 or €79.

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