Mio/Magellan adds Strava Live Segments to Cyclo Computers

Fight your best time or take the KOM!

Mio Cycling announced today that they added Strava’s Segments to their latest firmware update for the 310, 315, 500 and 505.

With the live segments, you can see how you match up to other cyclist on a stretch of road, a climb or any segment created on Strava. To use the segments all you need to do is (besides updating your device), pair your Mio with Strava and select which segments you’d like to attack, they will then be added to your Mio device upon synchronisation. Make sure you select the segments you want, Mio & Strava can not guess where you’re going and adding ALL the segments of the world would be a bit overkill (and probably impossible).

These are the images I got are in Dutch. But you get the idea:

More info here on Strava.

You can find more info on the Mio 505 in my review.

With that, happy cycling!

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