Running with Power

The next step on run metrics? Power!

I’m always wondering what will be the next feature on training options and metrics. And Stryd is now bringing power meters to running. When you think about it it makes sense. A power meter for running. Just like on the bike it’s an objective way of measuring performance.

It’s undeniable that power meters in cycling have changed the way that professional cyclists ride and train, and with cheaper power meters becoming available they are more and more changing the way amateurs train as well. It is very likely to do the same for running, working with objective data will change they way runners are training.

It looks like the power meter will be somewhere around the $130 mark,  supports Bluetooth and ANT+. The even better news is that Suunto and Garmin support the data on the Suunto Ambit2 and Ambit3 and Garmin on the 910XT and 920XT and Magellan series (albeit in bike mode). It’s very likely run power will be supported in a firmware update later this year, but you can always pair it with your phone.

Suunto Garmin Stryd

Stryd had a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now available for the masses.

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