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Stryd has just announced the second product of their run power meters. You probably know the concept of power meters from cycling, where serious athletes and pro’s use the delivered power to maximise their training effort and pedal stroke. This is the most direct metric you can use as it’s not influenced by stress or other factors, it’s exactly how your body is performing. So, up till about last year, you could only have this on your bike, but then Stryd came along and developed a power meter for runners. With a full year with a product, Stryd continued the development and just announced a new running power meter.

The new power meter allows you to work on your run efficiency in the shape and size of a cadence sensor. The cool part is, they used it in the Olympics to measure and benchmark. Furthermore it’s supported by big names as Craig Alexander (IM World Champ) and Dirk Friel (TrainingPeaks co-founder), so you can understand it’s not just a gimmick.

Here’s how it works. Stryd measures more than twelve metrics of your performance, technique, muscle strength and condition, as well as external running environment, and through some magic, converts all this data into a single number, power. As I said above, power is the key to monitoring training intensity (exertion) and efficiency. Power has given cyclists who use it, a tremendous competitive advantage for years. Now Stryd brings this revolutionary technology to running.

Here are some product photo’s they provided:

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Stryd is expecting to ship the first devices mid september for the early birds. You can pre-order as of today on their website. If you want to know more in-depth information, give me a week or two. I’m meeting with Robert Dick, the CEO of Stryd and will discuss this new device, furthermore, I’ll be able to test it out myself. If you’d like a notification, sign up for my monthly newsletter!

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