The Forerunner 920XT Black/Silver

How to get the Black/Silver 'special' edition.

When Garmin finally caught up on swimming heart rate (with Polar and Suunto) by introducing two new heart rate monitors, it also casually mentioned a Silver/Black edition of the 920XT. To many a ‘finally’. The colors of the 920XT are quite out there and this edition is very similar to the 910XT. It’s really so similar that you can easily say it’s based on it.
I too wondered why this black/silver edition took so long, but also predicted it would come out. It seemed only logical.

Now, if you think, great, I’ll but that black/silver 920XT and get all the good stuff, think again. Garmin has made the black & silver edition something ‘special’.

Garmin Silver 920XT Tri-Bundle

Yes, it’s (currently) only available in a tri-bundle. Targeted specifically at triathletes the tri-bundle comes with the two new heart rate monitors (HRM-Tri, HRM-Swim) and a 920XT quick release kit. I have seen it available separately but that was in Australia. If you know any store that does sell it separately, drop a comment below!

If you like my blog & reviews, and you’re interested to buy the Black/Silver edition you can pick it up for $500 on Amazon. I get a small fee when you buy something using this link :-).
If you feel you don’t need all that extra, the ‘normal’ Forerunner 920XT is avalable for $459 on Evans Cycles and with HR monitor for $312 on Amazon.

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